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New Jersey Heating Repair & Maintenance

Skilled Techs to Fix & Prevent Heat Problems in Franklin Lakes and Greater New Jersey

Often, we don’t think about our furnaces or heaters until something stops working. Lawrence Refrigeration Co. offers heating repair & maintenance in New Jersey. Our trained, skilled, and experienced technicians install and maintain residential furnaces and heating systems from all major equipment manufacturers.

If you are having heating trouble or want to schedule a maintenance service, please call (973) 490-4074 for an appointment. 

Expert Troubleshooting & Heating System Repairs in NJ

When the heat isn’t working right, there are a few things you can try before calling for repairs. Check that the circuit breaker hasn’t tripped, change the filter, and check the thermostat to make sure everything is set where it should be. If you are still having a problem, call a professional. Our New Jersey heating repair and maintenance services will get your heating equipment working again and keep it performing efficiently.

Call for professional furnace repair when:

  • Uneven Heating and Cold Spots - 
    If you notice that their are rooms in your home that are warmer than other rooms when your heater is one, you could be experiencing a problem with you ductworks. It could be something clogging or blocking certain ducts. 
  • A strange odor - 
    If you are smelling something odd, you shouldn't be smelling anything strange. Especially if you have a gas furnace, your nose is the first thing to pick up on that smell. If you smell something like a dirty sock, it could also be mold in your duct system. Contact us as soon as you notice this.
  • High heating bills - 
    A high energy bill can mean that your heater is having to work twice as hard due to it running inefficiently. It could be due to a repair that you are unaware of. Give us a call today!

Having no heat in cold weather is miserable and can become dangerous in extreme temperatures. We offer same day service for heating repair from HVAC professionals with the technical skill needed to find the reason your system isn’t working and get it fixed quickly and efficiently. We will explain the problem and recommend the most cost-effective repair solutions.

Preventative Maintenance for Peak Heating Performance

Don’t underestimate the importance of regular heating system maintenance. While you can, and should, change the filters frequently, there is a lot more to preventative maintenance. Because it is easy to overlook something when attempting to make sure your system is operating efficiently, maintenance should be left to a trained professional.

Having regular maintenance performed on your heating system allows you to enjoy:

  • Less frequent emergency repairs
  • Safer equipment operation
  • Longer heating equipment life.
  • Lower energy bills
  • Cleaner air

Problems arise with furnaces and heaters from time to time. Regular maintenance allows our technicians to spot problems and avoid unexpected repairs. Minor performance issues put extra strain on the system and result in more wear and tear on the equipment. This can lead to your furnace breaking down suddenly in the middle of the winter.

Annual Heating System Inspections & Maintenance in NJ

Our annual maintenance service will get your home ready for winter. Our technicians will replace the air filter, check the blower motor and wheel, carbon monoxide level, burners, pilot light, and ignitor. We assess the overall condition of the system and individual components. If needed, we can recommend repairs to help you avoid a sudden heating problem in the middle of the winter.

We offer heating repair and maintenance in New Jersey to solve your immediate heating problem and prevent future issues from developing. Our goal is to deliver quality, value, and exceptional service for every customer on every visit to your home or business.

Smart Thermostat Installation for Enhanced Heating Efficiency

Take your home heating to the next level with a smart thermostat upgrade. Smart thermostats offer advanced features that allow you to control your heating system from anywhere using your smartphone or voice-controlled devices. Our Clifton heating experts can help you choose the right smart thermostat for your home and ensure a seamless installation.

Benefits of upgrading to a smart thermostat include:

  • Convenient remote access and control
  • Energy savings through programmable settings
  • Customized heating schedules for optimal comfort
  • Insightful energy usage reports
  • Integration with smart home ecosystems

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