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Lawrence Refrigeration Co. provides installation and repair of boilers in New Jersey. Whether your boiler needs to be repaired or it’s time to upgrade to a high efficiency model, you can count on our technicians to solve your home heating problem with experience and reliability.

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Energy Efficient Warmth in the Winter Months

The efficiency of boilers has significantly increased in recent years. Replacing an ancient boiler with a new high efficiency model can reduce your heating costs as much as 15% and improve your home comfort this winter. Newer high efficiency models can have an annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating of up to 95%. This means that 95% of the fuel consumed is used to heat the home.

Boilers are available for a variety of fuel sources, including:

  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Oil

Indoor air quality is another advantage of boilers in New Jersey for heating your home. If anyone in your household has allergies or asthma, they will breathe easier with less dust and allergens in the air. Unlike forced air systems, which can distribute dust and other particles in the air, boilers have the least number of airborne particles than any other home heating system.

Fast, Reliable Boiler Repair

A working boiler is a necessity in the winter months and all year long, if your boiler also supplies your family’s hot water. Our technicians are fully trained and have the technical skill needed to repair all brands of boilers in New Jersey. We are skilled at troubleshooting problems with all types of boilers and getting the problem resolved quickly.

Signs You Need Boiler Repair:

  • No Hot Water - 
    One clear sign that your boiler is in need of repairs is the fact that your home is lacking hot water. If a boiler has malfunctioned or has a broken part, it may cause this issue.
  • The House is Taking Longer to Get Warm - 
    If you notice that your home is taking a lot longer to get warm, it could be because your boiler needs repair. Contact us today for our professional boiler repair team.
  • Strange Noises - 
    Boilers are usually very quiet, so if it starts to make a lot of noise like gurgling or banging, your boiler most likely needs repair.

Of course, if your home isn’t warm enough, you want your boiler fixed right away. We provide same day service for urgent boiler repair issues. Our technicians will inspect your boiler to get to the bottom of why it isn’t working and ensure that we solve the problem.

Boiler Installation & Replacement

Although boilers can provide years of reliable warmth, there are situations when a boiler can’t be repaired. Depending on the extent of the problem, we may recommend replacement. Whether your boiler just can’t be fixed, or you want to upgrade to a high efficiency model, we can help you find the perfect boiler for any application. We work with all major brands to provide the right boiler for your home.

When You Need Boiler Replacement:

  • Energy Bill Increase - 
    It may be time to replace your boiler if you notice that your energy bill continue to go up month over month. It could be that your boiler is nearing the end of it's lifespan and becoming less efficient then before. Most boilers are typically only meant to last around 15 years.
  • Consistent Repair - 
    Boilers should always be regularly maintained, but if you seem to be calling a repair technician fairly often, it may be time to save your money on repairs and put it towards replacing your older boiler unit. Call us today for our expert New Jersey Boiler installation team.

We provide quality Clifton Boiler installation for optimal performance, energy efficiency, and reliable home comfort. Financing is available for new boiler installation with approved credit. After the installation is complete, we can help you enjoy years of reliable home heating with our professional maintenance services.

Contact us at (973) 490-4074 for repair or installation of boilers from the best brands in the industry. 


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